York Community Consulting

The leading student-led business management consultancy,
based in York

What We Do

Founded in 2012, York Community Consulting is a student-led business management consultancy, formed of students from the University of York across a range of academic disciplines. We aim to provide a positive social impact by working with local small businesses, charities and social enterprises to be more successful in their mission.

We believe in the talent that is the student body, it is an untapped resource that has the potential to provide valuable insights and in utilising this strength York Community Consulting has helped over 100 unique clients with their organisational challenges and boosted the careers of over 600 students in its lifetime.

Our Primary aims are to:

We achieve this by delivering high-quality consultancy services on a pro bono basis. Through research and deep analysis, plus, leveraging our network of industry experts, we deliver tangible outcomes that help clients gain insight into how they can operate better and grow.

We achieve this through training and mentorship. Creating an environment for students to develop new skills and build professional networks, improving their employability and career prospects

Our Services

We offer consultancy services covering a range of sectors:

Process Change

Our team can thoroughly review your organisation’s processes to identify areas for improvements. Our solutions are data driven and tailored to your specific needs.

Digital Transformation

If your organisational needs are growing but you still rely on paper-based solutions or you know there is a better way forward, our tech-savvy consultants can aim you in designing new processes and giving you the roadmap forwards.

Commerical Outreach & Sponsorships

Commercial outreach is an excellent method to increase funding and build allies within your sector. We can identify potential sponsors or collaborators, and develop compelling value propositions.

Marketing & Advertising

We can help you to develop and execute meaningful advertising campaigns. Our consultants can find where you can best advertise, and can craft effective stratagies to support you in reaching your target demographics.

Market Research

By leveraging rigorous research methods from industry statistics to focus groups, our team can help you understand market dynamics, consumer preferences, and emerging trends.

University Engagement

Our teams will be made of the brightest University of York students and know both what it is to be a young person and know the university landscape. If you want to partner with the University or student groups, we are certainly right for you.

If you have any other projects that fall into a category outside of this list, then still reach out to us and we can work out how we can still be of aid

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