Our Top Interview Tips

Read up on York Community Consulting and what we do: This includes general information about our organisation and our raison d'etre. What is the purpose of York Community Consulting? Who are our clients and what do we hope to achieve?

Understand the expectations of the role you are applying for: Use information on the York Community Consulting website to understand the details of your role. In particular, consider what will be expected of you, and anticipate how you would address difficulties in fulfilling your responsibilities.

Consider when and where you've demonstrated relevant skills: We understand that it’s unlikely you have consulting-specific experience. However, soft skills like leadership, collaboration and integrity are transferable. When have you demonstrated these skills in your course or work experience?

Formal wear can be a great tool to put you in the right headspace. That said, we understand that not everyone will own work attire at this stage in their career, and no penalties (or merits!) will be given based on what you wear.

Answering a question with the right structure allows you to clearly give the interviewer the relevant information in a good amount of time. A good structure to use is STAR: Situation, Task, Action, and Result. When asked about a time you did x, use STAR to explain the background, walk the interviewer through your actions and how you helped make an impact. If possible, being able to quantify adds the cherry on top.

We recognise the importance of accessibility and inclusivity at every stage of the interview process. If you would benefit from receiving interview questions in advance (due to conditions like anxiety, dyslexia, etc.), please contact the York Community Consulting team. No medical documentation will be required. We encourage applicants to understand that this is a trust-based system and we ask people not to take advantage of this.

That’s all from us. Good luck to everyone applying