Mentoring is a great way to help students and support our work in the community

As a professional, you can make a meaningful impact by mentoring a project with YCC. By sharing the expertise and strategic thinking you have developed throughout your career, you can personally give back to the community and help guide the next generation of consultants.

Work with us on genuinely exciting projects

Our diverse range of clients and projects ensures that you will be constantly challenged and engaged in your role as a mentor. which means there will likely be an element of personal interest for you.

Make an impact and give back to your community

YCC offers an effective and progressive way to play a role in the broad community. Not only will you have the chance to build relationships with talented individuals at the University of York who are pursuing a career in consulting, but you will also be making a positive impact on the wider North Yorkshire community.


Get involved at YCC and take advantage of this exciting and effective way to give back, while enhancing your skills and experience.


Nick Newman

Former Head of Defence and Security Consulting, PA Consulting Group

"I’ve supported three YCC assignment teams since retiring from the consulting industry in 2022. Above all, I’ve found it immensely rewarding to witness each team’s extraordinary rate of progress as they’ve scoped out the challenge, conducted their research, and drawn insightful business conclusions wrapped in a slick, executive-ready client presentation. I’ve found that the most valuable approach is operate exactly as I would have as a partner, supervising a number of busy assignments. First, to provide a formal weekly ‘checkpoint’ to help the team structure their approach and maintain momentum. Second, to provide a blend of challenge and coaching: challenge to help the students think beyond their first ideas; and coaching to help them evaluate the relevance and quality of their insights from a senior client’s perspective. It is really satisfying to dress rehearse their final presentations and hear the brilliant client reactions! "

Want to get involved?

If you are interested, or would like more information, please contact us here