Software Developer

A part of the team that develops YCC's software


As a Software Developer you will be responsible for designing and developing technology solutions. Programming experience will be necessary to complete this role, along with a logical mind-set and a great team ethic. This will help you to work alongside the rest of the technology team and wider committee to develop and deliver these solutions.

The role as a Software developer will give you the opportunity to enhance your software development skills by working on real-world projects. Delivering solutions that could be used every day by our clients, committee members and consultants alike. The committee structure will also give you a chance to develop your professional and interpersonal skills by working alongside different departments within YCC. The most important requirements are your ability to learn and experiment as well as a keen understanding of technology.


  • Maintaining source code, technical standards and documentation
  • Be involved with the development and maintenance of YCC web applications
  • Ensure the security of our web applications through good coding practices
  • Manage data capture, organisation, and storage
  • Attend team meetings for the department

Interested in getting involved?

Get in contact with us here if you wish to work with us, or if you are interested in joining see vacancies.