Director of Technology

Lead the team responsible for YCC's IT needs and website development


You will lead the team responsible for providing our consultants, committee and clients with technology solutions. Focus areas include software design and development, web development and providing technical advice to the committee and our consultants.

This role will interest someone looking to lead a team building systems and tools to ensure our work is of the highest standard. It will suit someone with a constant drive to learn and the determination to spread this learning across an organisation. The role will require determination, organisational skill and imagination. The role requires programming knowledge and an aptitude for leading a technology-focused team.


  • Maintaining source code, technical standards and documentation
  • Implement Agile development practices within the team
  • Assist in resolving technical issues where required
  • Ensure consultants have access to technical support
  • Overseeing development and maintenance of YCC web applications.
  • Remain responsive to any emergency requests for help from committee or consultants (e.g. security breaches)
  • Ensure the security of our web applications through good coding practices
  • Manage data capture, organisation, and storage
  • Support and mentor the Technology department
  • Administer your team's budget, and maintain electronic records of expenditure in accordance with the YCC Charter.
  • Organise team meetings for the department
  • Attend the committee meetings

Interested in getting involved?

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